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How to Get an Abortion

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There are many reasons for an unplanned pregnancy.

Sometimes we are not sure of having a baby and we end up getting pregnant at the end of the month.

During this situation, we really get baffled on how to get an abortion.

Abortion is one of the most sensitive things in the terms of health and fitness.

Before planning an abortion it is important to know everything about a woman’s body, the uterus and the risks related to the abortion.

In any case, consulting a woman medical expert would be a great idea.

Such sensitive health matters should be handled by us without any guidance or expert’s advice.

With centers like Planned Parenthood making abortions more accessible, it has never been more safer.

Why do you need an abortion?

Abortion is one of the most emotional and complex situations of our life.

It is not easy to decide on whether or not you should get the baby aborted.

The reasons for abortion are generally seen with the teenage girls, who get pregnant by having an unsafe intercourse with their boyfriend.

Unsafe sex always leads to pregnancy and later it leads to the decision of abortion.

Reasons for abortion (in general):

  • Sex before marriage
  • Unplanned pregnancy
  • The fetus with birth defects
  • Pregnancy resulting out of rape or forced sex
  • When pregnancy hinders mother’s health

The abortion laws: The laws of abortion are diverse with different countries of the world.

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But one thing is common with all the countries that an abortion is a legal process.

It shouldn’t be carried out without proper guidance and consulting a medical expert. A woman who needs to get the baby abort should be at least 18 years of age or more. Abortion involves many health risks and hence, it should be handled with care respecting the laws.

There are three ways for getting the baby abort and they entirely depend upon the age of the fetus.

Yes, early pregnancy i.e. just a month old can also be aborted using home remedies or medication.

Pregnancy, which exceeds 20 weeks, has to be aborted using the surgical procedure often known as Surgical Abortion in the medical terms.

The surgical abortion can only be carried out under the supervision of a licensed doctor and woman specialist, who is expert in handling abortions for years.

This kind of procedure is quite risky for the mother’s health and hence, the law doesn’t easily agree to get the baby aborted after the first trimester.

The easy option for abortion: Medical Abortion

The medical abortion is a way to terminate an ongoing pregnancy by the use of a medicine.

The abortion pill has a prescribed element known as ifepristone’ that helps in ending a pregnancy in the most secure way.

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ifepristone’, works by controlling the progesterone levels inside the woman’s body, which is used for building a line inside the woman’s uterus to hold a pregnancy.

After the intake of the pill, the progesterone level decreases and it sheds down the uterus line resulting in excess bleeding. This makes the fetus flushed out of the vagina opening like a natural menstruation cycle.

If the abortion medicines are taken within the first few weeks of pregnancy then it is highly effective.

If the pills are taken after the 9th week of pregnancy then it is doubtful to say whether it will end up the pregnancy or not.

It might prove even worse by increasing the menstrual pain. Hence, one should always consult the women specialist doctor before taking the abortion pill.

The Mifepristone abortion pills are taken in different ways and it has a procedure to be carried out for ending up the ongoing pregnancy.

The first abortion pill is generally taken at the gynaecologist’s clinic. These pills are generally not swallowed.

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The pill is placed inside the opening of the vagina by the doctor for getting a quick result.

The second pill is allowed to take at home after few hours gap.

Later, one can observe and feel the menstrual cramp pain inside the uterus which will be followed by uterine bleeding in few hours.

The bleeding generally lasts for few days and your doctor will call you for the check up again after the bleeding has stopped to ensure that the entire fetus is flushed out of the uterus or some part of it is still present in your body.

It is quite important to flush the fetus completely out of the body or else it may result in the uterine infection.

The medical abortion is the safest way to terminate the ongoing pregnancy. One must not rely on the use of tablet if the pregnancy is more than 8 weeks old.

Moreover, it is the only way to abort the pregnancy without letting others to know about it.

None can get a hint about it as it looks like a natural menstrual cycle.

The surgical abortion:

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This procedure is quite complex and hence, it is carried out only at the hospitals by the medical expert once you allow them to do so legally.

During the process, the cervix is numbed using the gels or injection.

You are also asked to swallow the painkiller pill, if necessary.

Once the cervix is numbed, the doctors insert a thin tube inside the opening of the vagina to the uterus.

The thin tube is programmed with vacuum to force out the fetus out of the uterus.

After the process, it is mandatory for a person to rest as it may result in some severe abdominal pain.

You can expect heavy bleeding from the uterus for a few days and this may also result in fever.

It also requires a follow-up with the same doctor for checking out your health and fitness after the abortion.

Depending on the country you belong, you can check for the abortion laws in order to avoid any kind of issues relating to it.

Also, many countries cover abortion under the medical insurance.

So it is always wise to get acknowledged with the same before proceeding with the abortion process.

Home remedies:

Last but not the least, the pregnancy which is just 4-5 weeks old can also be terminated using the home remedies.

You can consume cinnamon, papaya, Goji Berry, and pineapple in good amount to terminate the pregnancy.

It is always advisable to consult a doctor before proceeding with any of the options to abort a pregnancy.