Maximizing Fertility in Women

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Having a child is among those marvelous things that every couple wishes for.

However, in case you are among those women who are going through hard times as you try to conceive, this is the time to clear doubts and try to comprehend those things that maximize fertility in women.

Don’t allow your enthusiasm as well as the excitement of conceiving go away.

Don’t let the fear of breast cancer sway you.

Though every woman will have her own way to maximize their fertility, below are some tips that will help women maximize their fertility.

1. Make use of a kit for ovulation prediction.

The fertility chart will only be helpful in case you ovulate at the same time in every month.

ovulation x-ray

However, this is not the best option if you are seeking to become pregnant. Instead, using the ovulation prediction kit will be much helpful as compared to the chart.

The ovulation prediction gives a woman the chance to know when they are ovulating at least twenty four prior to ovulation.

This kit is normally used in predicting the exact time for ovulating which therefore maximizes your chances of being pregnant.

2. You should make love on a regular basis

If you want to be pregnant, there is nothing like too much sex among the couple.

Regular love making is likely the best approach to become pregnant particularly if the woman isn’t following a consistent ovulation time.

You should make love at least 3 times every week. If you do that during those days that lead to ovulation will increase your chances of being pregnant.

Just give it a try and you might be lucky to hit the fertile period which will make you pregnant.

3. A healthy lifestyle is good

assortment of low carb foods

Research has it that smoking by any means is completely bad if you want to become pregnant.

A healthy lifestyle implies that the food consumption is right and your weight is just appropriate.

Being a few pounds heavier than the normal weight should not worry you by any means.

However, being obese isn’t appropriate. In case you are obese, you should consider losing weight & burn some calories in order to stand higher chances of being pregnant.

Consuming the correct foods which has the appropriate nutrients being less in caffeine maximizes your fertility.

To top that up, you should combine that with some physical activity on a daily basis.

4. Calm yourself for some time

Stress plays a great role in lowering your possibility to conceive.

This is due to the fact that stress affects the entire body system including your health which definitely lowers the chances for you to become pregnant.

It is a good idea to have a day break in order to chill out.

You can even have a body massage sometimes in order to refresh your body.

5. Maintain the prenatal vitamins.

You should visit a specialist in order to be checked up before planning on how to become pregnant.

What this does is that it ensures the couple is healthy and they are given the essential vitamins before trying to get pregnant.

In normal cases, women are given vitamins such Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, as well as vitamins which contain Zinc.

some foods high in vitamin c

The specialists will advise the man to consume folic acid too.

6. Detoxify your whole body

Many people around the globe are very toxic.

This is attributed to eating fast food, the food coloring, as well as preservatives for several years.

This only results to our bodies being less optimal. When you detoxify the body, you help it to function well in its processes.

This is because you will have removed the unnecessary products in the body.

In case your belly is bloated or maybe you don’t visit the washroom for at least two or three times daily, you should undergo a colon cleanse.

When the colon is clean & healthy nutrition absorption in your body is maximized.

Clean bodies work better which help the reproductive organs too to function at their best.

7. Drink much fresh water

85% of the human body is basically water.

When you drink eight to ten water glasses every day you hydrate and lubricate the body which keeps the reproductive cells as well as organs in a healthy condition.

Water similarly assists the cervical mucus to stay in an optimal form that helps the sperm to not only hit the egg but also to keep the sperm alive as ovulation is taking place.

A simple way of knowing whether you are hydrated is taking a look at your urine’s color.

When its color is light or in other terms clear, then you are good.

What you didn’t know is that water boost fertility.

8. Beware of the microwave

In case you use the microwave regularly for heating up the leftovers or even reheating chocolate, you shouldn’t stand next to the microwave if you can.

The ovens of microwave operate on electromagnetic waves of high frequency when penetrating your food.

After testing using a Gauss meter, the microwaves were seen to emit some radiation levels to a maximum distance of six feet.

This radiation is very detrimental to women’s fertility as well as pregnancy.

In case you have ever visited your doctor for an x-ray, the doctors probably asked you whether you are pregnant.

They did that due to the fact that radiation might be very detrimental to the correct functioning of the reproductive organs.

That defines why you should keep some distance from your microwave.


couple making a baby

There are several ways of answering the question of how to maximize fertility in women for couples who are experiencing difficulties in conceiving.

You should always remember that the body is a place which has been designed for procreation and conceive in a very simple and natural manner.

The tips given above are just a summary of everything you need so that you can become pregnant.

It is vital for you to keenly follow the tips if you want to solve your issue once and for all.

In case you don’t become pregnant even after trying for several months, it is advisable to visit a specialist in order to determine what exactly your issue is.