How to Measure Your Penis (for Men)

In today’s tough economic scenario, it’s imperative for men to measure their penis correctly.

For this, they have to plan for everything perfectly, even their penis size before sex.

For effective family planning, you must look for effective penis measuring methods.

While the conventional female contraceptive methods are quite popular, a method gaining steady popularity is the vasectomy for men.

Even a survey of 53 doctors showed how popular it is becoming.

But most men need to do something crucial before this procedure: Learn How to Measure Their Penis.


Because you want to make sure you don’t lose any penis size after the procedure.

You can learn how to measure your penis size in this tutorial.

Do Vasectomies Affect Your Penis Measurement Size?

Don’t worry, vasectomies don’t affect your penis size, but if you must, you can make sure you don’t lose anything by learning how to measure your penis size correctly before getting one done.

swimming sperm and a penis measurement

After the vasectomy, sperm can no longer reach the semen, and hence there remains no chance of pregnancy.

Therefore, it is a very effective method of contraception. In addition, it is also safer than female surgical contraception.

Thanks to the modern medical innovations that the method now takes less than 30 minutes to perform.

Measuring Your Penis is Not Painful

As the process is minimally invasive, patients do not feel much pain. Also, healing is faster and doesn’t require hospitalization.

However, it is important to understand the consequences and after effects of the vasectomy St Paul.

Therefore, take an appointment with your doctor to gain complete information about the procedure.

Make sure he knows how to measure penis size correctly.

You can have this procedure at any stage, but young adults should first consult with their partner as well as doctor to make an informed decision as you may think about having kids later in life.

Penis Size Measurement after a Procedure

tube tying on vas

When you have made that decision to visit a vasectomy clinic and talk to a doctor about having a vasectomy, the doctor will perform a physical examination, discuss your medical history and discuss the process of vasectomy and the vasectomy care that is needed after the procedure.

No Drugs are Needed In Order to Measure Your Penis Size

Some doctors will want you to stop taking blood thinners or any anti-inflammatory medications before you go to a vasectomy clinic to have the procedure done.

As well, before you go for the procedure, you will be told to have a driver to bring you to and from, to wear comfortable clothing and to take any medications the doctor has prescribed for you before the procedure.

Taking the Penis Measurement At The Clinic

Once you arrive at the vasectomy clinic for your procedure, you will be given local anesthesia so the area will be numb.

One of the three common procedures will be given to you after you and the doctor decide which is best for you.

At this point the doctor will take an initial measurement in order to make sure that he did not server any penile ligaments.

There is the conventional approach procedure in which a cut is made directly into the skin on the sides of the scrotum.

Through the openings that have been cut, the vas deferens will be pulled out so that the tubes can be cut and partially removed.

how to measure your penis after a procedure

The ends are then stitched, clipped or sealed with an electrical pulse. Next, the vas deferens goes back in the scrotum, and the cut is closed up with stitches.
The no-scalpel procedure is when the vas deferens is found under the scrotum skin and clamped to hold it.

After that he will take a post-surgical penis size (length and girth) measurement to make sure that he did not make any errors.

A special medical tool then pushes a hole through the skin, and the vas deferens pulled through, the tubes cut and then sealed back. No stitches would be required with this procedure.

With the Vas clip vasectomy, the vas deferens can have clips placed on them and cinched, and the clips will block the sperm.

The procedure takes approximately 30 minutes, and the anesthesia will prevent any pain while the procedure is being done. Pain medications can be given after the procedure, and this will be discussed with you during the after vasectomy care procedures by the doctor or nurse at the vasectomy clinic.

How to Get an Accurate Penis Measurement After a Vasectomy

Once you are home, there are things you can do to make sure you have a good recovery. First, you need to apply ice packs for the first 8 hours or so to help with swelling.

tools for measuring your penis

You should wait to take a shower until the day after the procedure and keep the procedure area very dry and clean.

The incisions should be kept covered with nice, clean gauze for at least three days. Sometimes antibiotics are given as a precaution after the procedure and if so, take them all.

Make Frequent Penis Measurements Everyday After the Procedure

Measuring your penis with a ruler or ring at home is important to do everyday after the event.

This is a common way to keep track and measure penis health.

You should not be involved in sports for about three weeks and should not lift or move any heavy things for about three weeks. If you find that the bleeding from the incision is excessive, you should contact your doctor and follow his instructions.

A few ejaculations may have blood in semen, but it disappears after complete healing. Caution and the advice of vasectomy doctor are necessary for successful recovery.

Initially, the sperm count will be above zero, so temporary birth control methods have to be used. You need to wait till two clear semen tests to have intercourse.

Pros and Cons of Penis Measuring


  • No effect on libido
  • No critical long-term effects
  • Highly effective and successful
  • No Effect on Penis Size Measurement


  • You have to mesure your penis first.
  • Reversal difficulties
  • No protection against STDs
  • Complications may appear if not follow doctor’s advice
  • Mild discomfort for a short period

Choose an Expert For a Penis Measurement

team of doctors

Always trust an expert Vasectomy doctor to get an accurate penis measurement. It can be done at the doctor’s clinic and do not take enough time.

Starting from the initial preparation to the actual procedure, everything is performed under an expert’s supervision to avoid any complications.

A short examination is scheduled before the procedure to ensure everything goes smoothly. The procedure is not very disturbing, so you would not feel much of anything.

The effectiveness of the procedure also depends on your doctor and his experience.

The good thing is that the procedure is reversible with the help of an experienced doctor.

So, if you plan to enjoy parenthood later in your life, then you can get the vasectomy reversal with higher chances of success, which is not usually in tubal ligation in females.

In Conclusion

Vasectomy is a major birth-control alternative that men can use for birth control.

But penis measuring is just as important, if not more.

Being less painful, cost-effective and safer method, it is gaining immense popularity.

There are extremely few instances of unplanned pregnancies after the procedure because of the nature of the surgery. However, it should not be considered without consulting your partner and doctor.

In fact, spend more time with your doctor understanding all aspects of the method – risk, safety, effectiveness and other things for your particular case.

Great! Now you know that you have to learn how to measure your penis before the procedure – so do it!