The Penis Guide Introduction

The penis is one very crucial sex organ that is known for being the source of arousal and intense pleasure as well as the insecurity and the anxiety. The concerns regarding the penis include its direction which it points, and the facts about the sexual function, for example, the ejaculation and the erectile capability.

According to Fernando’s penis opinion, this is a great concern among men.

Therefore, it is highly crucial for individuals to have good knowledge regarding the normality of your penis and its role towards sexual satisfaction. Sufficient information regarding the penis is a very healthy’ dialogue. This, therefore, assures partners intimacy with great satisfaction either in or out’ of a bedroom.

– A penis can be ‘Grower’ or ‘Shower

No existing relationship between a fully erected length and flaccid penis. According to a study that was conducted among men, it was found that the size of the’ penis at flaccid to erectile length varies widely. It should never be assumed that a guy with a huge penis will have a huge erection on the opposite; a person who appears to have a small penis is likely to have a huge erection.

-The Zone of Pleasure

It is considered that the underside glen of a penis and its underside part brings a lot of sexual pleasure. Other parts surrounding the penis that are believed to have some high levels of sensitivity include nipples, anus, scrotum and its neck.

-Sensitivity Decrease As you Age

A number of Studies’ have confirmed that the’ penis slowly decreases its sensitivity’ as men grow of age, although it is difficult to quantify. The reason is that researchers have employed varied ways on how to stimulate penis and record its sensitivity. Generally, the penis sensitivity can be measured by the level of stimulation an individual can feel. This is referred to as a ‘sensory’ threshold’.

-A vibrator is good for Penis

Vibrators are not meant for women’ only. They are also an effective penis. In fact, the vibration of’ the penis is highly effective on men especially those having spinal’ cord problems. The vibrator enables them to ejaculate through the help of special’ medical vibrator’. On this treatment method, the vibrator’ is held against’ underside head’ of penis. Although vibrators are highly effective on the ejaculation challenges, you don’t necessarily need to be under medication in order to use one. You can always use it for fun.

-A penis is Habitat’

You realize the penis skin houses a lot of bacteria. According to a study that was carried out in Genomics’ Research Institute’, genetics tests was used towards identifying the bacteria found under the skin of the penis’. It was found that there are at least 42 types of bacteria that live under the penis skin. Although there is a variation on the number of bacteria found on the skins of the circumcised and uncircumcised penis.

-There is more to Penis Than What we see

According to Dr. Kohler, Most people would be much proud especially if they get to know’ that penis’ is twice longer than most people think. The reason is that half-length’ of penis is hidden in the body.


By any chance, never use extender device that claims to the extent the size of your penis. Most of these devices are believed to cause more harm than good. Never should you use them since they are never good at enlarging the size of your good penis. The only’ exceptional cases should be approved by the medical specialist.